About Us

Founded in 2017, Uptale is an #Edtech startup specialized in “Immersive Learning”.
We provide enterprises and training organizations a more innovative, realistic and efficient way of learning to their employees through 360° and *Virtual Reality *.

Learners are placed into highly immersive situations and can feel “in the shoes” of anyone, be teleported to hard-to-reach places, get trained to safety exercices, and much more.

To make Immersive Learning a reality for companies we have built a platform where trainers, teachers can create, host and distribute safely on any device their own pedagogical experiences in 360/VR.

We are pioneers in the Education & Learning market and we are now facing exponential growth. We already work with +50 big corporate groups, learning organizations and universities.

By joining our team, you will work in an extremely stimulating environment (Station F -* btw have you seen the VR visit? It is made with Uptale :)* ), combining productivity, creativity, autonomy and fun. Our caring team will help you grow your unique potential and make you feel like family.

Don’t see the position of your dreams?

Uptale is always looking for great talent. Go ahead and send an application!

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